AWS Certified Welding

AWS Certified Welders 

Our highly skilled certified welders have experience with MIG & TIG welding.  Multi-process skills enable us to meet or exceed any customer design specifications and quality requirements.

Our in house CWIs enable us to have ongoing weld quality monitoring.  In addition to inspection, our CWIs can quickly evaluate a design, identify the requirements and ensure our welders meet the required certifications.  In the event of needing additional certifications, our CWIs have the tools and knowledge to get the job done right.

ISO 9001:2015

Reliable, Certified Quality Processes 

Our Quality Management System meets ISO 9001:2015 requirements, and this is an important part of Sky Climber Fabricating’s overall quality plan to consistently produce high-quality components.

Sky Climber Fabricating manufactures components for a variety of sectors, including industrial and agricultural equipment, conveyor systems, construction equipment, trucks and trailers, solar and even motorsport / equestrian equipment manufacturers.  This quality certification is a reflection of Sky Climber Fabricating’s commitment to providing reliable, consistent metal fabrication services to customers in every market.

Coordinate Measuring Machinery

CNC-controlled measuring for precision quality

Our Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine, or CMM, is a CNC controlled measuring machines with touch trigger probe.  This machine is a valuable component of our quality control program.  The guideways (cross beam and quill) are made of ceramic material which is virtually insensitive to temperature fluctuations, humidity and contamination.  Its compact design features a controller integrated in the machine base and three series / six sizes for optimal measuring volume.  Statistics functions and data feedback help to keep our processes controlled, precise, and reliable.