Contract Manufacturing Services

Our precision laser-cutting machines and expert staff allow us to produce large volumes of metal components for a variety of applications.  Plus, with our 80,000-foot facility, we can offer VMI (Vendor-Managed-Inventory) services and warehousing for finished assemblies.

We manufacture components for a variety of sectors, including:

  • Industrial and agricultural equipment
  • Conveyor systems
  • Construction equipment
  • Trucks and trailers
  • Solar
  • Motorsport and equestrian equipment manufacturing.

Our processes meet ISO 9001:2015 standards and are designed to ensure reliable, consistent metal fabrication services to our customers in every market.

Available contract manufacturing services include fabricating, kitting and warehousing, vendor-managed inventory, automated high-volume laser cutting, and prototyping.  Our large Central-Ohio facility features clear spans throughout and houses equipment enabling high-volume production. Additionally, 10- and 5-ton overhead cranes make heavy, large-scale fabrication easy.

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